Strategic Technological Counsel


Leverage Provides our Clients with  
C–level & Senior Technology Business Advisors

We ensure the ongoing alignment of the organization’s overall technology and business goals. by constantly examining the short – and long-term needs of the organization to assess the capital investments that are necessary to help the organization reach its business growth objectives. This includes the suite of technology tools and services to support the growth plans. In these roles, Leverage continually evaluates how technology can impact (Positive, negative, and neutral) the organization’s efficiency and provide value to clients, suppliers, and employees.

Chief Technology Officer

Leverage serves in a leadership capacity as the organization’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Deputy to the CTO if one is present. Our main mission is to provide the executive leadership for the organization’s overall technological needs, research and development (R&D) and the alignment of technology and business operations. This role serves as the master technology architect for the client organization. Additionally, we work alongside your existing information technology organization to help mentor, grow and maintain a stable and skilled staff.

Chief Technology Security Advisor

Leverage serves as the organization’s Chief Technology Security Advisor. We establish and maintain the enterprise security vision, strategy, and monitoring program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected. We work to identify, develop, implement, and maintain best practices and processes across the enterprise to reduce information and information technology risks. The Leverage team also responds to security related incidents, establishes appropriate standards and controls, manages security technologies, and lead the organization with the implementation of policies and procedures.

Technology Manager

This management role is solely focused on the organization’s day to day technology operations. This role provides our clients with a technology liaison to be on site and/or remote to assist on an ad hoc or project basis when needed. This person will become very familiar with your organization’s technology personality, culture, user population, and technology vendors. This is all in an effort to help manage expectations on both the user and vendor side as you navigate new and existing technologies. The role is not necessary in every organization but is useful if an organization does not employ at Dir of technology or onsite support resource

Technology Vendor Sourcing, Management & Accountability

Leverage will act as the organization’s technology vendor management & accountability office. We believe that technology vendor procurement & accountability services are critical to ensure successful selection and ultimate deployment of various technology solutions. 

Our core responsibility will be the continual evaluation of third-party technology related providers of goods and services, supervising day-to-day interactions and managing longer-term relationships. We provide a complete end to end technology sourcing process which includes high level requirements definition, planning, deployment, and end of project validation. We work with tools to manage and hold all technology providers accountable to their stated Service Level Expectations (SLE). Leverage works closely with the Executive team, operations team, finance team, legal team, and other business units to ensure that the proper technology tools and services levels are being provided by the vendor. As a result, this highly collaborative process will help to lower costs, reduce duplication of tools and services, and strengthen relationships with core strategic vendors. The end results of this highly collaborative process allow you to maximize existing technology investments, lower costs and reduce duplication of software tools/ services.