Technology Strategy Services & Vendor Management


Business Management Advisors

Welcome to a new advisory experience.

Founded in 2007 to bring quality and experience to medium and small-sized businesses, Leverage Corporation offers two previously unrealized opportunities to clients of every size:

  • Approach the selection, purchasing and management of technology providers in a strategic and repeatable manner
  • Develop an easy to understand and executive focused technology strategy.

Led by practicing, dedicated advisors with over 20 years of experience and a history of hundreds of successful client engagements, Leverage Corporation turns the traditional consulting model on its ear. 

We have over 20 years of experience so your work is done by experts, not those seeking to gain expertise. We engage valued partners to provide additional expertise, even if the revenues Leverage Corporation realizes from the engagement are reduced. Work is done to deliver immediate and tangible value to the client, not to jockey for future engagements that must be completed before value can be realized. Guided by impeccable ethics and the desire to do the right thing, all Leverage Corporation Principals and partners are committed to living and promoting a higher standard of service and performance in the industry. WE’RE NOT CONSULTANTS. WE’RE ADVISORS.